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A Hybrid Edge-Cloud Platform for Self-Adaptive Machine Learning Based IoT Applications, Pre-conference workshop, 25.06.2020

On the 25th of June, the day before the SDS2020, Nabil Abdennadher, professor at the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland, Marc-Elian Bégin, CEO and Co-Funder of SixSq and Francisco Mendonca from HESGE organized a workshop entitled “A Hybrid Edge-Cloud Platform for Self-Adaptive Machine Learning Based on IoT Applications”. The workshop was aimed for PhD Students, Engineers, Scientists, Persons from industry and researchers interested in edge-cloud IoT applications and platforms.

The workshop was organized in two parts. The first part was aimed at answering questions about what problems edge computing solve and how to take advantage of it, how edge computing and cloud computing work together and what the current technologies for designing hybrid platforms (edge and cloud) for secure IoT applications are. These technologies were illustrated through hands-on demonstrations.

The second part presented a generic open-source platform for intelligent IoT applications based on a shareable backbone infrastructure composed of three layers: IoT objects, edge devices and cloud infrastructure.

Out attendees learned to understand the added value of the edge compared to a centralized cloud-based solution. They browsed the most common “technologies” used to deploy hybrid edge-cloud platforms and discovered a “Swiss made” open-source technology used to deploy hybrid edge-cloud platforms. 

We want to thank everyone who participated in the workshop for the interesting questions and discussions and hope that you will benefit from what you learned.