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Blockchain in Supply Chain Management Expert Group Meeting 17.09.2020

Our 10th meeting of the expert group “Blockchain Technology in Supply Chain  Management” took place virtually. In the first half, Dr. Davide Calvaresi presented his  insights into Multi-agent Systems (MAS) combined with Blockchain Technology. In  the second, half, the experts pre-tested a survey about the blockchain adoption in  Switzerland set up by researchers from ZHAW.

Davide Calvaresi is at the forefront of research in MAS and Blockchains. He 
introduced the audience to MAS and presented the connection to Blockchain. In  MAS, trust plays a crucial role and is defined as the belief that the other party will do  what it says. Blockchain with its immutable data structure can serve as a backbone to obtain this accountability. Dr. Calvaresi showed the experts a concrete project in  which startups are evaluated by experts before the receive funds from investors. In  this project, the blockchain servers as a layer for trust and reputation. To conclude,  MAS and Blockchain is a promising combination, however, there are still many open  technical as well as ethical challenges.

After Davide’s very exciting presentation, the experts conducted a survey about the  adoption of Blockchain in Swiss companies. The goal was to pre-test the survey. As  expected, the experts could give the authors valuable recommendations on how to  improve the questionnaire.

We are looking forward to our eleventh meeting in November.