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CAS Data Product Design / Smart Service Engineering Course 04-05.06.2020

Value creation through data is a very current topic of utmost importance. However, in practical applications it is often not sufficiently clear, or unknown, how value can be created for businesses and their customers. The CAS Data Product Design / Smart Service Engineering course offers practical solutions and concrete options for how companies easily can generate service value from data. In four modules, participants acquire methodological knowledge of data-driven value creation and value capturing (including data-driven business models) as well as questions of data ethics, data protection and data security.

In the course, new methods are taught and applied directly to a continuous case study in numerous iterations. The participants form small groups and choose a problem at the beginning of the course for which they develop a data-driven service during the course. During the two-day practical workshop at the Mobiliar Forum Thun in the beginning of June, we developed service ecosystems in intensive iterations to sharpen data-driven value propositions, including testing with potential users. This year’s special feature: the entire workshop took place online, which worked very well. Many thanks to Ina Goller for guiding us through the workshop and pushing our cases forward. We learned a lot. Many thanks also to Fabio Rovelli, managing director of the Mobiliar Forum Thun, for enabling this workshop.

The participants will publish their cases in short papers starting this year – summarized in an eBook. More information on this will be available over the summer, e.g., on the website of the Swiss Alliance for Data-Intensive Services.

And an interesting new option: CAS Data Product Design is part of the new MAS Industry 4.0 under the name of CAS Smart Service Engineering and thus opens new doors and perspectives for graduates. Please note it has already been part of the existing MAS Data Science.