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Digital Health Expert Group Meeting, 07.07.2020

The Expert Group on Digital Health met once again in person on the 7th of July. This was welcomed by everybody, as they felt that the interactions in physical meetings are much more intensive than in online meetings.

We had a few presentations – mainly about project ideas – each followed by a lively discussion. One idea is about how to induce trust in a medical AI system by giving a physician feedback on how well his/her current patient is represented by the original training data set of the AI algorithm. Another project idea concerns the development of a toolbox for visualizing time series data, including algorithms and visualization widgets. A further presentation was about an ongoing, multi-phase hackaton on patient-centered digital health.

Two of the working groups within the expert group are currently preparing white papers. One will be on the certification of advanced AI algorithms as medical devices, esp. self-learning algorithms, which automatically adapts to a patient. The other paper will give an overview of various approaches on how to get access to health data, taking into account possible ways in Switzerland as well as in other countries.

The meeting was interesting and we are looking forward to the projects going forward.