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Machine Learning Push-Down to SAP HANA with Python, Pre-conference workshop 25.06.2020

On the 25th of June 2020, the day prior to the SDS2020 conference, Andreas Forster, Thomas Bitterle and Michael Probst from SAP (Schweiz) AG organized a pre-conference workshop entitled “Machine Learning Push-Down to SAP HANA with Python”.

Data Scientists who work in business environments often require access to SAP data. But often this data is held in a high-performance, in-memory appliance, which already contains Machine Learning algorithms. This tutorial, suited for Data Scientists, Python users and SAP HANA users, showed the participants how to leverage in-memory appliance to train Machine Learning models from the – by the participants – preferred Python environment. It also showed how to trigger predictive algorithms in SAP HANA, without having to extract the data.

The participants learned how to get hands-on data located in SAP HANA systems and other stores. They also experienced running notebooks to trigger Machine Learning with SAP HANA. They performed data exploration tasks on the source system without transferring data. Finally, they learned how to use the developed model and to bring it into an enterprise-ready environment.

We want to say a huge “thank you” to all of our participants. We are glad that you all passed the workshop with excellence and hope you can leverage the new skills in the future.