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SDS2016 – Slides & Videos

So you think you have all the data? Causes and consequences of selection bias

Big Data Integration

Apache SystemML – Declarative Large-Scale Machine Learning

Predictive Analytics for Big Datawith Native Spark Modeling

Unlocking the business value of publicly available geo-data

From Idea to Data Product

Industry 4.0 – A chance for the Swiss industry: Status and developments

Mind the Gap! Hype-Cycle versus Business Reality in Data Science (a forecasting perspective)

Assessing predictive count data distributions

Sentiment Analysis – State-of-the-Art in Research and Industry

What does blockchain mean for data science?

Show-Case: Rapid Prototyping in Data Science

Humans and Algorithms: Creation and Measurement of Economic Value in Demand Forecasting

Data Preparation – The Key to Successful Data Science

Deep Learning RNNaissance