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SDS2019 – Slides & Videos

Context-Aware AI Systems of the Future (Alexandra Przegalinska)

Deep Learning Solutions for Cost-Effective Tunnel Maintenance (Vassilis Kalofolias)

Democratizing Data @ Mobiliar to Foster Innovation (Adrian Meyer, Matthias Ruedlinger)

LoRaLoc: Machine Learning-Based Fingerprinting for Outdoor Geolocation Using LoRa (Simon Ruffieux)

PHom-GeM: Persistent Homology for Generative Models (Jeremy Charlier)

Real-Time Learning and Prediction in (Un)structured Data (Christian Blakely)

Resilient Combination of Complementary CNN and RNN Features for Text Classification through Attention and Ensembling (Athanasios Giannakopoulos)

APCNN: Tackling Class Imbalance in Relation Extraction through Aggregated Piecewise Convolutional Neural Networks (Alisa Smirnova)

Analyzing the Geospatial Coverage of Veterinary Services (Nicolas Lenz)

Deep Learning for OCT: from Prototype to Production (Pascal kaiser, Sussane Suter)

Principles and Best Practices for Applied Machine Learning Models [in industry] (Mark Rowan)

Smart Document Classification at PostFinance’s Input Management (Dennis Furrer & Robert Gwadera)

Building a Data Culture with Veezoo (Marcos Monteiro)

Improving Manufacturing Plants Through Big Data Analytics (Martin Weber, Kurt Stockinger)

Machine Learning for Data Scientists Involving SAP Data Using Open Source Technologies (Andreas Forster)

Revenue Forecasting and Store Location Planning at Migros (Bojan Skerlak)

SmartProfile – Deep Learning for the Powder Coating Industry (Philipp Schmid)

Data Science Infrastructure (Philipp Thomann, Lukas Seger)

Data Visualization ≠ Visual Data Analysis (Konstantin Greger)

Do You Have to Read All Incoming Documents? (Mark Cieliebak)

FAIRTIQ: from Research Prototype to a Data-Driven Product (Roman Prokofyev)

From Terapixels to Crop Yields (Charilaos Tsarouchas)

Overview of Artificial Intelligence for Card Games and Its Application to the Swiss Game Jass (Michele Alberti)

Automated Data Quality Assurance with Machine Learning and Autoencoders (Milica Petrovic, Martin Müller-Lennert)

Automated Machine Learning in Practice: State of the Art and Recent Results (Lukas Tuggener)

Digital Services in the Mobility Market: How to Optimize Value with Co-Creation (Rubén André Lorenzo)

Improving Reproducible Deep Learning Workflows with DeepDIVA (Michele Alberti)

Towards Reproducible Research of Event Detection Techniques for Twitter (Harry Schilling)

Towards an Ethical Code for Data-Based Business (Christoph Heitz)

Using computer vision to improve quality assurance in the food industry (Martin Müller)

A Machine Learning Technique to Classify LSST Observed Astronomical Objects Based on Photometric Data (Muhammad Usman Akram)

Big Data Framing About Media Coverage in Switzerland and the USA (Urs Dahinden)

GPU Acceleration with RAPIDS for Traditional Big Data Analytics or Traditional Machine LearningData Processing Framework for Spark (René Müller)

Revenue and Availability Optimization Approaches for Shared Mobility Providers (Daniel Müller, Jan Fränkle)

Triangulated Sentiment Analysis of Tweets for Social CRM (Simone Griesser)

Data Management and Why This is so Strategic for Data Science Projects (Michael Probst)

Fraud Detection in Financial Services using Graph Analysis and Machine Learning (Hans Viehmann)

Generative Adversarial Networks: When Fake Never Looked so Real (Evangelos Ntavelis)

Harness the Power of User Generated Content with Search and Machine Learning (Jürgen Schwärzler, Philipp Thomann)

Stress Pattern Recognition Through Wearable Biosensors in the Workplace: Experimental Longitudinal Study on the Role of Motion Intensity (Vadym Mozgovoy)

Creating Value for Clients through Data & Analytics – How we Implemented Data-Driven Client Segmentation and Launched a Center of Excellence in Data & Analytics (Michel Neuhaus, Daniel Perruchoud)

DNNViz: Training Evolution Visualization for Deep Neural Networks (Gil Clavien)

How to Optimize Gower Distance Weights for K-medoids Clustering Algorithm to Obtain Mobility Profiles of the Swiss Population (Alperen Bektas)

Towards Graph-based Machine Learning for Automated Health Care Services (Rhicheek Patra)