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SDS2020- Slides & Videos

Livestream 1


Ricard Delgado-Gonzalo on Riva Digital – Lowering the Blood Pressure of Swiss People with a Companion AI

Christian Lovis on Covid-19 and Epidemiologic Predictions: A Reality Check

Beat Hörmann on “You can count on us” – Preclinical Automated Cell-Counting with Deep Learning on the Edge

Lukas A. Widmer on Data Science in Pharma: A Case Study in Making the Most of Sparse, Expensive Data for Safely Guiding Multi-Drug Dose Escalation

Gabriel Krummenacher on Bridging the Gap Between Research and Medical Practice: Machine Learning in a Highly Regulated Environment

Yasamin Eslahi on Annotating Web Tables through Knowledge Bases: A Context-Based Approach

Christian Kowalkowski on Digital Servitization: The Next Competitive Frontier

Myrna Flores and Shaun West on DARE2HACK: Crowdsourcing ideas through hackathons to codesign new human-centric services

Djamel Lakehal on Toward Physics-Informed Simulation and Machine Learning Based Digital Twins for Process Optimization using eDAP

Urs Güttinger and Philipp Thomann on How to Find the Nut in the Haystack – An AI-supported Product Solution Advisor for Fasteners

Andreas Bleuler on Renku – A New Open Source Tool for Reproducible Data Science

Keynote: Pieter Abbeel on Towards Learning Systems that Require Less Annotation

Livestream 2

Robert Rohrkemper on Enhancing Real-time Debit Card Fraud Detection with Deep Learning

Sylvain Robert on To Fly Or Not To Fly? A New Bottom-Up Approach for Aviation Risk

Jürg Schelldorfer on Neural Networks and Random Forest in Insurance Risk Modelling

Bertrand Loison on Data Science and Official Statistics: Myth or Reality? Swiss Federal Statistical Office

Zacharias Kull and Patrick Grütter on Efficiently and Easily Get Your Data Ready for AI with Smart Data Lake Builder

Prateek Purwar on Fingerprinting for Industry 4.0

Thibault Kuntzer on Data-Driven Animal Health and Welfare Metrics for Livestock Farming

Livestream 3

Marc Schöni and Ilias Papadimitriou on Using ML to reduce costs and environmental impact in industrial manufacturing

Frank Strohmaier and Michael Probst on Agile Data Orchestration & Machine Learning Model Integration

Vadym Mozgovoy on Exploration of Scenario-Based Simulations for Stress Benchmarking in Swiss Public Service

Guang Lu and Christian Dollfus on Intelligent Branding for less Well-Known Enterprises by Matching Culture Values of Employers and Candidates

Felix Hamann on Neural Entity Linking on Technical Service Tickets

Evangelos Ntavelis on Same Same but Different: Augmentation of Tiny Industrial Datasets using Generative Adversarial Networks

Krishna Gummadi on Quantifying and Mitigating Algorithmic Discrimination

Michele Loi on A Comparative Assessment and Synthesis of Twenty Ethics Codes on AI and Big Data

Frank Grognet and Sangeetha Somashekara on How to Leverage Unstructured Data to Improve Knowledge Management: Two Use Cases in the Legal Profession.