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Innovation in Language-Based Human-Machine Interaction

In just a few years, several advances in NLP methods have opened up a vast field of possibilities for data-driven value creation. The potential for innovative projects is enormous, e.g. in summarization, speech-to-text, sentiment analysis, anonymization, federated machine learning, exploration of huge document sets, and knowledge extraction.

In this workshop we will first introduce basic ideas and use cases of NLP methods. Then we will explore and discuss together your project ideas in smaller groups. As preparation you might think about where in your organization textual data is available, where language-based human-machine interaction could be a game changer, about its challenges and potential.

Lessons to be learned

The objective is to learn about possibilities and challenges of working with textual data and generate ideas for innovative projects. You will learn:

  • What NLP is.
  • Where NLP is used.
  • What the major benefits and challenges are.
  • What the possible projects in my organisation are.

Target Audience

Industrial and academic participants interested in exploring and discussing possibilities of cutting edge projects on NLP. No previous NLP-experience is needed.


Philipp Thomann
Managing Consultant

Mark Cieleback
Prof., Data Analysis and Software Engineering

Natalia Korchagina
Data Scientist
PwC Switzerland

Jacqueline Stählin
Senior Consultant