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The Untapped Potential of Open Geodata

The world is becoming increasingly data-driven. But if there are restrictions on the access and use of data, data-driven business and governance is strongly limited. In this content, open data has its own unique place. It can help with global challenges such as climate change adaptation or famine, it can give companies a competitive advantage, and it can streamline processes and systems that society and governments have built. Moreover, open data can empower citizens and thus strengthen democracy. In short, it can help to change the way we understand and interact with the world. There are many types of open data, but due to the geographic element geodata deserves special attention, both in terms of quantity and quality. In this workshop the importance of open geodata is discussed and success stories of projects based on open geodata are presented. Platforms and initiatives related to open geodata as well as funding opportunities will be presented and discussed.

Lessons to be learned

  • Get to know data portals for open geodata
  • Overview of the application potential of open geodata
  • Terms of use for open geodata (Open Government Data and others).
  • Insights into the Open Government Data Strategy.
  • Insights on how to crowdsource open data.

Target Audience (beginner level to intermediate level)
Data Managers, Data Engineers, Data Analysts, Statisticians. Academics and everyone who is interested in the topic of data science.


Reik Leiterer
CEO, ExoLabs

Nicolas Lenz
CEO, Litix

Stefan Keller
Prof. Institute for Software