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Videos & Slides

Track 1

David Sturzenegger – Confidential Insights – A Platform for Privacy-Preserving Data Collaboration – Slides

Jacqueline Stählin, Philipp Thomann and Christian Laux – Digital transformation in legal industry – Slides

Iwan Bolzern and Silvan Melchior – How to Build a Medical Data Platform – Slides

Kevin Banz – Modern Applied Data Science – Automation First – Slides

Track 2

Günter Schmudlach and Ulrich Reincke – Data Science in Search of the Simplest Explanation – Slides

Andreas Ruckstuhl and Kurt Stockinger – What we learned about the Data Science Life Cycle – Slides

Thomas Wuhrmann and Nikola Pascher – Quality Predictions in Metal Machining

Stephan Müller and Fran Peric – Democratizing Time Series Forecasting – Slides

Patrick Waibel and Nikola Pascher – Cavity pressured based Machine Learning Service

Prathyusha Nerella – GraphEDM: A Graph-Based Approach – Slides

Track 3

Thomas Hahn – Gaia-X: Creating a federated data infrastructure – Slides

Lukas Widmer – Good Data Science Practice: A multi-perspective discussion on Data Science – Slides

Track 4

Sean Owen – Better Machine Learning through Active Learning

Jürg Meierhofer – Service Customization: Optimizing Value Creation and Capture – Slides

Aleksandra Chirkina – Data Science for Uninterrupted KYC Compliance – Slides

Niclas Simmler and Pascal Sager – A Survey of Un-, Weakly-, Semi-Supervised Learning Methods – Slides

Mark Cieliebak – Short is Beautiful: Recent Advances in Automatic Text Summarization – Slides