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Service Lunch “Transformation Journey to Smart Products” 22.9.2020

About 20 guests attended the online Service Lunch organized by the Smart Services Expert Group on September 22, 2020. Fabien Olivier (KWe Consulting GmbH) presented key success factors for a transformation journey to smart products.

Here are some highlights from Fabian’s presentation:

What are the challenges?

Market prices are going down as a result of product commoditization and a lack of differentiation. How do we gain market shares and how do we grow revenues in a highly competitive and saturated market?

Solution: create differentiation and a sustainable competitive advantage through technological innovation.

How to use IOT as a key differentiator? With the illustration of a real case study from “Transformation Journey to Smart Products” that shows:

  • Which data to collect
  • Who is responsible for data management
  • How to be compliant to the data privacy regulations
  • Who to partner with
  • How to translate data into information: the role of a dashboard
  • What is the business case
  • What is the best approach to build a business case
  • A new revenue opportunity: pay per use
  • How to move from a product to a knowledge organization
  • How to build a digital DNA

With which Service-oriented Approach did we Solve it?

The real case study explains how the IOT value proposition has evolved over time through the transformation journey to become a key Value-Added Service to improve profitability (internal transparency), customer satisfaction (external transparency) and cross-selling.

What are the learnings?

  • Digital Transformation is a journey that requires exploring the digital opportunity on a trial and error basis with a good dose of faith and perseverance.
  • Digital Transformation is Change Management.

If you have any questions concerning this event, please contact Jürg Meierhofer or Rainer Fuchs.