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Spatial Data Analytics Expert Group Meeting 4.06.2020

The 7th meeting of the spatial data analytics expert group was held online on June  4th 2020. The topic of the meeting was geovisualizations. This was the first meeting kindly hosted by a meeting chair. Simon W├╝rsten from SBB had taken the lead in defining the schedule and in choosing the two talks.

Kevin Lang (SBB) presented the talk “Visualisation of accessibility at SBB”. It became clear that he had been confronted with some well known mapping problems and he presented nice solutions by his team. The talk generated questions and discussions.

Ralf Mauerhofer (Koboldgames) talked about “ – Natural hazard prevention by means of an online game” and gave some behind-the-scene-insights into the development of a game.

As usual, the participants had the possibility to interact and discuss. Part of the meeting was conducted in breakout-rooms for group discussions. After the meeting the participants gave arguments in favor for or against online meetings:

In theory it is possible to reach a larger audience in online meetings, because of the convenience of not having to spend any time traveling. In practice, however, the number of participants (19) was similar to previous in-person meetings. Sadly some participants could not connect due to internet security policies in their private network. A nice feature of the online format was the chat box where participants could ask questions even during the presentations. It was also used to share links and suggestions. After the meeting there was an informal discussion in a smaller group. We’re sure that the group would have been larger with the prospect of an Apero and a beer…

As a result we announce: The 8th meeting of the spatial data analytics expert group will be a physical meeting. The topic is “Applied sampling strategies” and Madlene Nussbaum will be our meeting chair. The meeting will take place on Thursday, August 27th 2020